Signs it’s Time to Schedule an Appointment With the Doctor

Going to the doctor is no fun for anyone, but it is still important that you make those visits at least once per year for a general checkup. When you visit the doctor each year, he can give you a good bill of health and treat and problems that are within the body before they become serious concerns. But sometimes you’ll need to make your way into the doctor in between those annual visits. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with family care friendsville tn when it’s time. Your health is at stake and you shouldn’t be so willing to put it on the line. Signs that you should schedule a doctor appointment include:

·    You have a temperature of 103 F or greater that won’t break.

·    You are short of breath or cannot breath.

·    You have extreme chest pains.

·    You suffer from bright flashes, cannot see or have other sudden and severe vision changes.

·    You’ve lost control of your bladder/bowels.

·    You think that you have the flu.

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·    You think that you have suffered a concussion.

·    You have injuries to the mouth.

·    Head injuries.

It’s pretty easy to determine if you should visit a doctor.  Don’t second guess that decision if you think that it is time to go. The signs listed here are among the many that indicate that you should visit the doctor as quickly as possible.

Spending an hour sitting at the doctor’s office may seem like a big hassle, but it’s much better than the alternative. Do not put your good health at stake when the signs say that it’s time to go to the doctor. A doctor is there to help; to make sure that you are okay. Let them do their job and stay happy and healthy at any age.