Not Everyone Will Be Able To Wear Contact Lenses

The reasons for people wishing to wear contact lenses as opposed to good old fashioned spectacles, or eyeglasses, are well-known. For some, it has been nothing more than a vanity project and indeed those that go on to wear them do see, if you will, a remarkable difference. It does tend to bring out the best in their eyes. But is it always helping their eyesight? That will be the locus of the contact lens eye exam san diego process.

contact lens eye exam san diego

The state or condition of your eyes may not make it suitable for you to wear contact lenses. The minute and intricate size and light weight of the contact lenses may not be suitable to the shape of your eyes and its surroundings. For instance, it has been reported by many that they are continuously finding themselves having to deal with slipped contacts. They are so difficult to find when they fall out.

They are so transparent; it can hardly be noticed when it falls to the floor. Nevertheless, most folks who prefer to wear contact lenses are resigned to this small matter of inconvenience. And they seem quite happy to have a set of disposable lenses to hand. Now, the need for disposable lenses has nothing to do with replacing easily lost items. It has more to do with the fact that these lenses will only have a limited shelf life in any case.

And then there is this issue. During the course of your disposable wear, your eyes may have deteriorated to the extent that the lenses are now nothing more than an encumbrance. The best way forward is to always start with the eye doctor and thereafter subject yourself to tests as prescribed or recommended.